So guys, I don’t know when i will be online again, but I won’t be here for a couple of days, I’m going to Phoenix, AZ today and I’ll ride the plane to Vancouver tomorrow morning. Unless there’s wi-fi on the airport and hotels (which is the most likely) I’ll check tumblr, but most of the time i’ll be out. I’ll probably get active again on sunday when I move to my Canadian home stay, but in the meanwhile i’ll be doing some businesses and sightseeing with my mom hehe, so see you for now! I’ll photos when I can.

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Oh, well. It’s spring.

Anonymous said:
No but Chrom being super extra nervous on the day Robin goes into labor, he's freaking out 10 times more than her, and she has to TELL HIM to calm down and breath! "Chrom you seriously need to calm down. You're like 2 seconds from fainting."



Omg I can see that totally happening



and somewhere, hidden in the palace, there is a Lucina who is like “dad pls”


Someonde told me I had to add this too


more Bravely Default stuff

i really like DeRosso but i can’t draw him


Some Hitoshura doodles while I’m currently playing Nocturne. \ o /

The Order: 1886 (x)

we forged our blades, gathered our ranks, and began our vigil in our relentless pursuit of evil in all forms. 

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Inveraray Castle in Argyll, Scotland  x

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