Forest of Mystery
by: A Link Between Worlds
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Forest of Mystery - A Link Between Worlds

When it comes to home and family, we keep neither as close as we should.


Some of my Fire Emblem: Awakening Miiverse doodles! I love this game so much!! 

Here’s Batch 2: [x]



eski-creature I know right, I’m pretty sure i’m gonna love the game either way, but it just won’t be the same without him :( , and tbh he was the one who got me into the game on the first place, thanks to Sound Horizon I got interested in it a little after it was release in Japan I think, it’s a shame really, but hopefully the soundtrack and the whole game will still be as awesome as the first.

Same here. While that article did say that they will reuse themes such as for towns or such for the new one, I think its going to be a bit of a bittersweet nostalgia. :C

I do hope they will do a good job with the next OST like with the first one, it won’t be the EXACT same but what I’m going to be looking forward to is the major boss fight songs. That’s what really stood out to me with the BD soundtrack.

I…was curious about Sound Horizon, thinking about getting into it.

All we can do is hope now!

; w ;!

Yes! It’s going to be different, and won’t have the same feeling from the first game, but all is left for us is to try being optimistic about it and think that the new composer will do a great job just like Revo would.

And, you wanna get into Sound Horizon? That really cheers me up!! If you liked the BD soundtrack, you will definitely like the discography of SH, so if you don’t mind, lemme give you a hand to make things easier for you. You can find general info of each CD here, this is the most helpful site for non-japanese fans, their wiki is quite empty still, but you can find general info on each CD there and the translations/lyrics of all songs (it’s part of the SH experience to read the lyrics, since every song is a different plot with different characters and settings, so don’t rush yourself and take your time to read and listen!), and here are links to most of the CDs, it’s missing a few ones but all the main ones are there. My personal favorite is Märchen, but I would recommend you to start with Roman first, it’s SH’s most emblematic album and the one that made them what they are today. I understand if you are busy and have a lot of things to do, but I hope you get to give an album a listen sometime, i’m pretty sure you are gonna love them.


Bravely Default - First Appearences

"You chose to become an accomplice. That was your own choice. You can’t go back now."

Hyrule Warriors iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds

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